I was born, educated and have lived most of my life in London. I studied Law at Oxford University (spot me in the photo – clue: I’m the one with the long hair and the teapot). In the true spirit of the late 1960s, I abandoned law and trained instead to be an English teacher. I taught English and Media Studies in London comprehensive schools for 35 years. During that time, I also published a radical teaching magazine, worked as a consultant for schools’ television, edited several books of teaching materials and broadcast on educational issues for Radio 4.

After I took early retirement, I started writing novels and, together with my partner, I renovated an 18th century stone built farmhouse in the Aveyron in South-West France. I have published two novels – Stony Ground (Lulu publications 2008) and The Lying Game (Matador 2012). My new novel, Car Wheels on a Gravel Drive is being published by Matador in March 2016.

When I’m not writing I spend my time doing voluntary work for two organisations. I am a story minister with the Ministry of Stories helping children to become creative writers and I am a functinal skills tutor working for Centrepoint.

I now spend most of the winter in London and the summers in my house in the Aveyron (where the new novel is set).


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